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Rachel Hope Eggleston is often described as an "old soul". From an early age it was apparent that she loved to perform and entertain people: At the age of three she was dancing and participating in musical theatre, and it quickly became clear that she had an attention span and work ethic far beyond her years.

Rachel began her professional career in the fall of 2010. Off to a great start, she booked her second audition for a national commercial and has been working consistently ever since. She has appeared in many national commercials for companies such as Walmart and Audi and had roles in a number of big television shows, including House, The Mentalist, Chuck and Justified.

The spring of 2012 brought exciting new opportunities: Rachel landed her first role as a series regular in the ABC show How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) playing Natalie the young daughter of Sarah Chalke's character Polly. Rachel also secured a starring role in the upcoming feature film Summer Snow. Despite Rachel's talent and love for acting, she is really just a regular kid with a sweet spirit who loves to dance, swim, hula-hoop and relax at home with her parents and two older brothers.

Fun Facts

Full Name: Rachel Hope Eggleston
Location: California, USA
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blonde
Siblings: Two older brothers
Skills: Voiceover, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis
Dance: Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz

01. Rachel has been dancing since she was three for Studio 13 Dance.
02. When she's not acting Rachel attends dance competitions around the USA with her studio.
03. She has won many national and regional dance titles with her solo That Jazz.
04. Rachel's House episode was directed by star Hugh Laurie whom she worked very closely with during filming.
05. Rachel was cast as Ruby in the FOX pilot Family Album in 2011 but unfortunately the show was never picked up.
06. In How to Live With Your Parents Rachel's character Natalie is based on the creator's real-life daughter whom Rachel met.
07. Rachel's nickname is sometimes Rae.
08. At the end of filming Summer Snow Rachel was given a surprise bag as a gift from the directors.
09. In her free time Rachel likes to swim, play tennis and feed the ducks.
10. Rachel has two older brothers, Kyle and Adam.



(2015) "Bereave"...as Cleo
(2014) "Summer Snow"...as Hallie Benson

TV Recurring Roles

(2014) "Married"...as Maya
(2013) "How to Live with Your Parents"...as Natalie

TV Guest Spots

(2013) "Sam & Cat"...as Sophie
Episode: "#BabysitterWar"

(2013) "Marvin Marvin"...as Sophie
Episode: "Battle of the Bands"

(2012) "House"...as Emily Lawson
Episode: "The C Word"

(2012) "Justified"...as June Archer
Episode: "Cut Ties"

(2012) "Austin & Ally"...as Little Tilly
Episode: "Bloggers & Butterflies"

(2011) "Chuck"...as Molly
Episode: "Chuck Versus the Baby"

(2011) "The Mentalist"...as Lulu Wilcox
Episode: "Fugue in Red"

(2011) "Better With You"...as Katie
Episode: "Better Without a Job"


(2013) Gazelle
(2013) Audi
(2012) Allstate
(2011) Walmart


01. "America get ready to fall in love with Rachel Eggleston." - American Family Studios

02. "Rachel Eggleston’s heartwarming portrayal of Hallie…shines and leaves you smiling." - American Family Studios

03. "...and to Rachel Eggleston, who plays my daughter. She's playing a five-year-old! Brad and I both said we've never worked with a child who's made you break on camera. She's made me crack up on camera before and she's playing a five-year-old! It's insane. She's really good. It's crazy." - Sarah Chalke

04. "Even Rachel Eggleston! And the only reason I say "even" is because she's a kid. And to have her be able to crack us up on camera is unbelievable." - Sarah Chalke

05. "Even with all the comedians in the cast, Chalke and Garrett agree the one actor who can consistently cause her colleagues to crack up during filming is Rachel Eggleston, who plays Polly's 5-year-old daughter, Natalie. (The rest of the cast can also rely on Eggleston to supply them with a forgotten line or missed cue, according to Garrett.) "I've never worked with a kid who's that talented as an actor," Chalke says. "Brad and I both said, we've never worked with a kid who's made us break on camera, like crack up laughing in the middle of a scene. She can improv. If you're doing a scene with her and you throw something out, she throws it back." - Sarah Chalke

06. "She's really talented." Adds Garrett: "She's unbelievable. You work with a lot of kids in this industry, and a lot of them want to be on TV. But Rachel really wants to act, and she's so gifted. She's a natural. She's great." - Brad Garrett

07. "Fortunately Chalke has another child to keep her company: Rachel Eggleston, who is apparently already an improv veteran at age five. “She’s amazing,” Chalke says. “I’ve never worked with a kid like her. None of us have. Brad and I said, ‘You’re working with a person who can play a five-year-old kid who can make you break on camera.’ She can crack you up; she can improv. She will throw a line in at the last second – ‘try this, try that’ - and she nails it every time.” - Sarah Chalke

08. "Little Rachel Eggleston stole my heart in this film. I predict we're going to see a lot more from her in the future." - Terri Blackstock

09. “Summer Snow is a gift to families and Rachel Eggleston is a flat out star!" - Brian Wells

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